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Posted by Wateringcan2 - June 25th, 2010

http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen /336505

Heres to the first audio submission by me, also heres to 2 more I've been planning, these ones being much longer and a lot funnier, More details to come.

Posted by Wateringcan2 - December 13th, 2009

Pick which game you want me to produce first,
Farrier Defense-
Defend WC's farriery from pikeys trying to steal his steel, buy guard dogs, 'cades, IED's, mercanery's, entrechching machines and much more!
So go! Blow up their caravans and get that land back, cause Doncaster council ain't gonna do shit bout it
Subject 81: Den Anfang
The year is 1942 and you are a RAF pilot shot down in Germany, waking up in an underground complex in Stuttgart team up with other Subjects to escape, watch out for the mutated prisoners and the gene-spliced/ing scientists and MASSIVE bosses that will test your skill

FD will have a comedic tone while S81 will have a deja vu, claustraphobic, serious feel but with comedic overtones, a bit like Time Fcuk,
I haven't looked for the music for these games yet, but if anyone reading this has produced any and thinks they fit comment em here with a link.


Posted by Wateringcan2 - October 10th, 2009

Were new Flash game/animation makers from ye olde England, Check back regulary cos we've got a whole host of games coming up, Including:

Pharmacy Shootout:
A game birthed by a dream I once had, basically defend a pharmacy from yobs and wannabe gangsters trying to get high while you wait for the shite British police to actually do anything, team up with vigilantes who hate the chavvy basterds too.

Pharmacy Shootout II:
Follow up from the above execpt now they're zombies, buy weapons from the gun shop across the street and team up with other suvivors til you get extracted.

Pharmacy Shootout III:
You survived the initial zombie outbreak, but ASTOUNDINGLY the frenchies copter crashed, IMAGINE that! Fight your way to the South of England and try and catch that last ferry.

Subject 81:
The year is 1942 and you are a Spitfire pilot for the RAF, upon entering the German border your plane is shot down, you awaken in a secret underground lab where nazi scientists have been taking POW's, frenchies and even Germans and experimenting with a mysterious blue liquid, fight your way to the surface and escape,
*NG special, the NG version will have the german voice acting and subtitles, the others will only have the german, If I decide to bless another website with my work that is.

Subject 81 :
The Year is 1943, Injected with the mysterious blue chemical before escaping you now have to fight your way across western Europe and get to the beaches of Normandy.

Subject 81:
The year is 1978, Betrayed by your own country you've been sent to an underground prison in America, make your way out and make deals with dangerous criminals to get out and retreive a sample of the chemical.

Subject 81:
The year is 1980, Sprung from your captors by a mysterious agency you're tasked with infiltrating an Italian underground lab and retreiving A mysterious compund.

Subject 279: SPOLIER

Farriers defense:
The pikeys that live behind WC's farriery are trying to nick his steel, show them no one steals from him, by beating them senseless in this violent dueling game(Based on a true story) (No, Really)

Farriers Defense II:
Words gotten around Doncaster that their fellow pikeys are dead, and soon you will be too if you don't start defending your farriery in this proper defense game.

So theyre's the list, I would really appreciate your feedback on which project I should go for first.

*I am in no way discriminating against the countries featured in these games btw, apart from maybe england itself BTW